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Fishing War

The fishing war is a new and unique game that Official 918kiss Aganets develops. The location of this game is different from what else you will find at the online casino scene, and some names have the same idea. Fishing war is not a game slot on the video poker table or any of any main categories. But this is similar to more smartphone games than anything else. You fight with sea animals by shooting a cannon with them to get their property. It’s not something you’ve seen every day, and you attract us. In this study, we only see the real thing is the fishing war.

Symbol and win the blend of fishing wars

The fishing war has various creatures that will appear in the sea for you to shoot down. Each prize proposal itself Is more valuable than others, as happening, better payments and more complicated things will decrease. But earlier, we go to the details about the price. We must take into account that you get it.

When you open the game, you will get a cannon, and you can come with up to three other players. All guns will be a burden. You are part of your bankroll. When you shoot a life for a long time, it will reward you. There are three different shooting modes – double shock standard images that cost twice the money and lightning mode.

There are 21 different essential creatures in the fishing war, which work to receive cash prizes only. Most of them are mostly there to fill in space and keep your bankroll instead of actual profits. For this reason, we will skip worse and constant creatures for the core.

Our first target was the anglerfish, which provided an X12 killing, followed by a turtle and otter, which multiplied your shot by X13 and X15. From this point, the prize will be better. Lele and Blowfish offer a big bonus of X18 and X20, respectively. This is the point where we go to the blue and yellow shark. These creatures provide flexible payments, consisting of X20 and X30 for the blue shark and between x25 and x45 for yellow sharks. Hammerhead sharks follow the same logic shark. Blue Hammerhead will pay between X30 and X50 while the yellow hammerhead shark. Will propose between X40 and X60.

Essential creatures after crabs and frogs The crab will pay between X50 and X200 depending on your fate. Frog payments started at X50 and up to X400 for good luck.

Fishing War Bonus Features

Bonus properties in fishing war will be aware of unique fish which will occur occasionally. In addition to actual payments, these creatures will offer amazing things for your problems.

Dragon King is one of the essential creatures in this category, providing between X10 and X300 as immediate payment. However, players can work together to bring and receive a lucky bonus.

Random Firestorm Cannon will appear and start Firestorm mode when this happens. You will get between 30-100 ammunition or credit. Therefore, the 918kiss MOD will continue until all bullets have been fired.

Thunder Hammer will give you anywhere between X30 and X100 in the reward. In addition, when shown to release the flash effect of the chain, attracting random fish on the screen.

The stone of Azure is quite interesting. When reduced, you will receive the X10 as a primary reward. But it will freeze the sea and fish while still increasing payments in a short period.

Wealth packages will be rewarded everywhere, then randomly when you shoot fish down. A total of five packages are available, and you’ll be paid for them.

The dragon wheel is worth the bullet that is necessary to shoot them. Doing so will stimulate the roulette game and reward the high random reward, which may be as high as X300.

Dragon Awakening will allow you to increase your victory. When reduced, it will explode at least twice, and any fish stuck in the explosion area will give their payment Monkey King tracking the same logic.