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Fishing War Game Review

Suppose you are looking for an extraordinary casino game experience. Spadegaming in Asia has a great game called Fishing War. We hardly even describe this as a slot. Because it’s just like the shooting games you typically find on your mobile phone or tablet. However, the game is not the first to attempt to bridge the gap between casino gaming and mobile gaming. Maxis Quest: We will constantly be reminded of Ra’s wrath.

Fishing god doesn’t sound like a peaceful and beautiful fishing trip, and it isn’t. This is a non-stop action game. Lots of moving parts and 8 different bonus features. There can be up to four players in a single game. And you choose the difficulty level and betting range from 3 different options. The Gameplay Interactive is about shooting fish and sea creatures with cannons. And you upgrade your weapons by increasing your bet level.

All 8 bonus features come in the form of extraordinary creatures you must defeat. And the most caught bonuses are announced in advance. Ghost Ship offers a maximum game-winning chance of 888x your stake. But you may need the help of other players to overcome this vital thing. You have to be careful of your ammunition here. Because each shot is deducted directly from your bankroll. And losing ammo/credits is hardly a good idea if you want to leave the underwater war zone to make a profit.

What Are the Symbols?

This is a game where the overview of the paytable is essential. It is up to you which sea creatures you prioritize to deal with with your cannons. And because of that, you need to know which creatures are worth a lot of ammo/stakes. Since there are 21 familiar sea creature “symbols” (if we can call them), we’ll list them. There are only 7 of the most valuable below. As a general rule, the bigger and more beautiful the creature is. The more living beings, the more worth your time. As you can see, the paytable for Fishing War looks like this:

  • 7 Under Value Fish & Sea Creatures – Pays Between 2x and 8x
  • 7 Medium Value Fish & Sea Creatures – Pays Between 9x and 18x
  • Pufferfish – Pays 20x
  • Shark – Pays between 20x and 30x.
  • Pays between 25x to 45x on Golden Shark.
  • Sharks are worth 30 to 50 times their size.
  • Golden Hammerhead – Pays between 40x and 60x
  • You can get a 50x to 200x return on King Crab.
  • Pays between 50x and 400x for Jade Toad.

What Is the Bonus Feature?

Just as there is no shortage of fish in the ocean, play on Official 918Kiss Agents and get bonus features that you can get in this game uninterrupted. Keep an eye out for particular creatures that may occasionally appear because you should prioritize bonus creatures with your cannons. Because of the more victories and benefits they provide. Here we’ll take a quick walk through all the extraordinary creatures to keep an eye on and what they can do for you.

  • The Dragon King – Pays between 10x and 300x, but you can work with other players to take it out and get a lucky bonus.
  • The Firestorm – You get between 30 and 100 free shells, so you might consider this to be the “free spins” feature of the game. The bonus round ends when all the bullets/credits are used.
  • Lightning Hammer – Releases a lightning effect, randomly selecting a fish/creature and rewarding you between 30x and 100x.
  • Azure Stone – First, gives you 10x victory when defeated. Then all seas will be frozen for 10 seconds, and the multiplier against sea creatures will increase.
  • The Wealth Packet – Granted, randomly when you kill a creature. Then you will choose 1 of 5 red packets for up to 200x wins.
  • The Wealth Packet – Granted, randomly when you kill a creature. Then you will choose 1 of 5 red packets for up to 200x wins.
  • The Awakening Dragon – This will give you between 100x to 488x victory, and you will see at least 2 explosions to take down fish and creatures everywhere.
  • The Monkey King – Same as above. But now, the payout is between 100x to 688x.
  • The Pirate Ghost Ship – Players will work together to defeat this ship. Which is the most rewarding reward in the game. If you are successful, many earthquakes will shake the entire screen. The maximum you can win is 888x your bet.


Free Spins in Fishing War

Since this is not a simple video slot games, there are no “spins” here. However, the closest thing to the free spins bonus round comes from the Firestorm feature mentioned above. This rewards you with up to 100 free ammo (or credits) and is the only way you can shoot fish and sea creatures without spending any money in this game.

How to Play

We must admit that we were a bit confused when we first started playing “SlotsFishing War, as it is not the kind of game we usually play on the proverbial desk. Still, it doesn’t take long to get things going. And here, we will guide you through everything you need to know to get started with this awesome game in no time. When you start the game, you are given to choose between 3 different game modes: Junior mode, Expert mode and God mode. The main differences between these modes are the betting range and the difficulty level of eliminating creatures:

  • Junior mode (low volatility): 1p to RM6
  • Expert mode (medium volatility): 10p to RM30
  • Godlike Mode (High Volatility): RM1 to RM60

You will then be taken to a pool in the ocean. And your cannons will be pointed out as there can be up to 3 cannons/other players in the same game. The higher the bet level you choose, the higher the bet. The more powerful your artillery is. And this is reflected in the cannon’s visual change as you increase/decrease the bet level. Four different “skills” icons line up vertically to the left. And it’s a special attack mode that you can choose anytime during gameplay. They work as follows:

  • Goals – It cannot be overstated how valuable and vital Target Mode is. Allows you to place a target on the back of any creature. And other creatures swimming in your way will not hinder your artillery fire. It will automatically fire only on the targeted creatures until the creature is removed or swims away.
  • Auto – lets you choose as many creatures from the paytable. And now your cannon will automatically target these creatures and ignore the rest.
  • DOUBLE – Turn your cannon into a double cannon. It has a double effect. But you pay twice as much per shot.
  • Lightning – It lets you hit any fish or creature. You want lightning, But our experience is not a worthwhile weapon.

Sometimes waves will roll across the screen. This means that the scenery is only changing. It’s good to remember that skills take part in this game. That’s the skill of minimizing ammunition/credit loss. This is a big challenge. Because sometimes you’re going to waste a lot on goals out of reach. Or being knocked down by competitors.

Where Can I Play Fishing War?

We recommend that you read the full review before starting this game. Because it’s not your average easy-to-play slot. Payment for Jade Toad ranges between 50x and 400x. And how much you win depends on your skill, experience and gaming knowledge. We recommend that you play Fishing War in demo mode before you start playing for real money.

Play for Real Money

No pain, no gain, as they say. If you want to win money, you need money, But the good news is You can do this with bonus money from licensed casinos. If you follow the link below, You will be redirected to the Top Trend casinos selected according to the algorithm. Where You Can Play Fishing War Slots Now: Live Casino with Fishing War

Play the Free Demo Version.

The good news is that you can play a free trial of Fishing War on this page. This means that you can get acquainted with this rather complicated and unusual game without the risk of losing anything. The only thing you need to do is click on the link. On the following page, you will see the Toptrend Gaming of the review. Here you can start playing Fishing War for free right now.

200 Spins Fishing War Trial

This reviewer isn’t a Shoot ’em up generation game, and the closest thing to Fishing War we’ve tried before is Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, which was released in 2018. We have to say we enjoyed fishing. Fish more war, But both games are a bit too chaotic and confusing for our poor brains at our old school to follow. Any way you look at it, we’ve done our best. And we’ll tell you all about what’s going on here.

We tested the game in all 3 game modes, but soon we found that Expert mode. “Golden Middleway” is the best for us. That’s where we ran the longest. We start with 2000 credits and give a price per cannon fire. We immediately turn on target mode. This allows us to use our ammunition (such as money) on only the sea creatures we want to kill. And nothing else.

What immediately becomes clear is that sometimes you will have to fire a seemingly infinite amount of ammo. Many bullets hit the creature to eliminate it. While sometimes, the same creature can be defeated in a matter of seconds. (The more complicated, So it’s important not to target creatures about to leave the screen. Because it will waste your ammo/money.

Sometimes one or two competitors come in and start shooting too. And it can be annoying because they can steal bonus creatures you use a lot of ammo/money to get rid of. There were tons of bonus creatures, and we had a lot of Dragon Wheel, Thunder Hammer and Azur Stone. However, it seemed like we were destroying most of the time. Since you often have to spend a lot of money to get rid of more lucrative bonuses.

With some miracle, We received the profitable Monkey King feature 5 times in a row at the end of our testing. We don’t need that much ammunition to deal with him each time. And ended up gaining around MR5800 when we stopped playing after an incredible run. Not bad for beginners, we have to say, and you’ll probably do better if you’re more experienced with shooting them ups than us.

Review Summary

Every slot player who has played mobile and shooting games will love Fishing Wars. If you like Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, there’s no reason you won’t like this game either. The gameplay is quite similar. But the RNG element is not as vital as here. However, both games are multiplier games. And it’s all about making the wisest use of your ammunition. We found Fishing Wars to be the more engaging experience of the two. And it’s also easy to see.


  • Unique shooting game
  • 21 common sea  creatures
  • 8 extra bonus creatures
  • An RTP of 97% is well above average.
  • Skills play a part in not wasting ammo/credits.


  • Not for those who like traditional slots.
  • The gameplay can be quite hectic and confusing.
  • 888x’s maximum wins are not that high.

If You Like Fishing War, You Should Try:

Believe it or not, some games are similar to Fishing Wars. We’ll start with the ones we mentioned above. Then we’ll look at 2 more games you might like if you liked them.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra – is the first significant attempt to bridge the gap between online slots and mobile RNG shooters. Betsoft’s name has been hypnotized for a long time, and the reception has been polarizing. You may like it or hate it. But it comes with XP progression, customizable avatars, and total leaderboard bounties. And many weapons and features are Worth a look if this is what you want.

Fish Catch: Very similar to Fishing Wars, it’s almost impossible. In addition, you can play with up to 3 other players and choose from 5 different cannons, all of which are efficient and cost-effective. Different shot As you chase for a big catch, The mermaid’s lucky wheel can be wagered up to 250 times, and there is many fish in the ocean here.

Fishing Expedition: It’s more of a traditional fishing expedition. But this is not a traditional video slot. Join optimistic and cheerful fishermen in a small lake boat. Surrounded by high mountains and caught 8 different types of fish with prizes between MR1 and MR3500. It all depends on your bet level. But winning up to MR580,000 is possible in a small game with this charm.